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Oh hai! Any questions? Views? Ideas? Suggestions? Bashing? Feel free to leave a message here on my talk page, or Discord, or Steam! Thank you for helping us help you help us all.

About me

Anything written here relies on my personal views only, and is not to be taken as part of the wiki's official views or policies.

My real name is Quentin, I'm a thirty-something French-speaking Belgian and a book seller in a department store. I joined the wiki in September 2008, making me the oldest active user... and its toughest caretaker!


Alyx crying over the content that still need to be fixed and expanded. Gordon is pretty helpless since he can't talk. Artwork by Makani.
  • Feel free to add me on Discord or Steam. I tend to accept every friend (but not group) invite, but I tend to cleanup my friend list from time to time when I don't remember who's who. So if at some point you notice I removed you, that's because we never chatted and thus I don't remember who you are. Don't be offended and readd me if you like.
  • Despite my insane editcount (and it's a good thing the old Wikia count isn't included here), I don't do everything manually. I'm not that crazy, I have many tools and tricks to simplify most tedious tasks, both through my own account and DOG's.

Stuff I made

I worked on many articles and created lots of templates (including most of the userboxes) and categories, uploaded most of the sound files (most of them have been removed for technical reasons) and added/improved countless images (such as the Raising the Bar cover or the Episode Two poster remade from scratch) ; it would be impossible and pointless to mention them all here. I also created the current and some of the previous Combine OverWiki logos, as well as (in the past) the other general layout, main page and skin customizations. Today other users took over the layout and skin issues.


Here's the huge list of articles I created since September 2008, the most recent first. The articles merged or deleted since their creation are not included.


SVG Half-Life logos

These logos are all based on logos featured in the HL/P universe (except for the "Other" section). I created them all from scratch, except for the City 17 logos that are based on the original Missing Information one. Anyone who'd like a custom wallpaper based on these, feel free to ask.

GoldSrc era
Opposing Force
Blue Shift
Source era
Half-Life 2 (pre-release)
Half-Life 2 (retail)
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Half-Life: Alyx
Portal 2

SVG article logos

Main Page logos

Each time based on existing images used on the wiki.

Other images

These include low-res images I partially or completely remade from scratch using better sources.