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Emplacement Gun

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Emplacement Gun
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Mounted heavy pulse machine gun

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Ammo type

Dark Energy pulse rounds

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Short to medium

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The Emplacement Gun,[1] also known as the Mounted Gun,[2] is a mounted pulse gun manufactured by the Combine. It is the Source equivalent of the GoldSrc Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Gun, as well as the heavier Artillery Cannon.


Metrocop firing an Emplacement Gun at Rebels at Station 1.

The Emplacement Gun is used by the Overwatch forces to lay down suppressing fire on groups of rebellious Citizens[1] or other hostile targets. It resembles the Pulse Rifle in several aspects including a similar magazine and firing mechanism, however there are also several differences between them: apart from being heavier and having a barrel shroud, the Emplacement Gun also incorporates a butterfly trigger group instead of a standard grip and trigger assembly, which is operated by squeezing its two handles towards each other. It also features a built-in flashlight under the barrel, which automatically turns on during night-time when the post is manned. When activated, the three panels of its barrel shroud expand and the whole device slightly rises above its bipod mount. On its body can be seen the alphanumerics "V952", also featured on other Combine devices.

They are commonly found in bunkers, on barricades, and in other fortified positions suitable for placing a mounted machine gun. Rebels also use captured Emplacement Guns to protect Resistance bases such as Shorepoint Base and the Vortigaunt Camp from Antlions. In these places, emplacements are manned by NPCs as well, and they cannot be used by the player until the NPC dismounts. When idle, the NPC manning the weapon randomly positions the barrel in left, right, up and down positions.


With its formidable damage, firing rate, infinite ammo and low recoil, the Emplacement Gun proves to be a handy weapon. Using it to rapidly lay down sustained fire is a simple but effective method of disposing of large groups of enemies without worrying about the lack of ammo, and its presence usually hints at multiple waves of hostiles incoming. However, its lack of rotation and peripheral vision exposes the user to attacks from the flanks or behind[1], so players are advised to keep vigilant on the surroundings and promptly dismount the gun when getting overwhelmed or being attacked from behind.

When a friendly NPC is using an Emplacement Gun, the player should try to lure enemies such as Antlion Guards and Combine Soldiers into the gun's range for the NPC to open fire on.

When a hostile is manning an Emplacement Gun, he is protected by the barricades, so the player should avoid being directly suppressed and try to snipe the user dead from a distance by using the Revolver or the Crossbow, or kill him with an explosive weapon. Damaging the enemy so he dismounts the post is also a viable option, but he will remount if left not dealt with for a long time. Commanding Rebels or Antlions to distract the user can also facilitate the player's advance.


Half-Life 2[edit]

The Emplacement Gun is first seen at Station 1 in the Canals, mounted on a Combine Barricade, where a Metrocop uses it to execute Rebels. Gordon Freeman uses it afterward against Metrocops, City Scanners, and if the player does not proceed, an APC. Another two Emplacement Guns are used by Metrocops in the APC garage, one at the end of a passage, and another newly installed one inside the garage when returning to the Airboat. At Shorepoint Base, Rebels use two Emplacement Guns to protect the pier from Antlions. Another is placed above the Vortigaunt Camp entrance, for the same purpose. Most bunkers on the beaches outlying Nova Prospekt are equipped with Emplacement Guns, manned by Combine Soldiers. In the courtyard inside Nova Prospekt, several Emplacement Guns mounted on watchtowers which are manned by Nova Prospekt Prison Guards. Inside the prison, one is found in cell block B4.

Two Emplacement Guns are used by Metrocops during the City 17 uprising, in the tunnel filled with Manhacks preceding the plaza where Alyx is kidnapped. Freeman is able to use it against Manhacks and Combine Soldiers.

Episode One[edit]

In Episode One, the first Emplacement Gun is found under an Combine Sniper nest. Right after, when Alyx takes on the Overwatch Sniper Rifle to provide cover for Gordon, a Combine Soldier is seen hidden behind metal plates with another Emplacement Gun firing at Antlions. Alyx quickly dispatches of him after Gordon removes the metal plates with his Gravity Gun. A third Emplacement Gun is found on the large plaza where the Antlion Guard is fought. Alyx uses it to cover Gordon while he blocks the Antlion holes with cars. Another unmanned Emplacement Gun is placed in the Technical Trainstation, which is mostly used by Alyx while Gordon escorts Rebels and Citizens to the platforms.

Episode Two[edit]

During their assault on White Forest, the Combine forces installed an Emplacement Gun in the secondary silo control room. After capturing it, Freeman quickly uses it to dispatch the remaining forces before closing the silo. This is its only appearance in Episode Two.


Half-Life 2[edit]

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