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City 17 Metro

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Metro map.jpg
City 17 Metro
General information

Before the Seven Hour War


After the Uprising


City 17


N/A, partially refurbished by the Combine


Combine occupation

  • Terminal Authority (formerly)
  • Combine
Game information
  • a2_pistol
  • a2_train_yard
  • a3_station_street
  • a3_hotel_underground_
  • a3_hotel_street
  • a4_c17_parking_garage
"You'll go through the old subway tunnels on your way to the train yard."
Russell to Alyx Vance[src]

The City 17 Metro is City 17's partially disused subway network introduced in Half-Life: Alyx. It mainly appears from the second to the fifth chapter of the game, when Alyx Vance is forced to go through it after her train to Fairview Junction is stopped just outside the Quarantine Zone.


The Metro network is detailed on a Metro map seen at stops and stations throughout the game. It appears to only cover neighborhoods located in the Quarantine Zone and is encompassed by the Circle Linea line, with all the other lines leading in and out of the area covered by the map.

With the implementation of the QZ blocking most traffic, the network's original use is severely limited and its facilities are in disrepair. It is still partially patrolled by the Combine as well as used for their Razor Trains, as seen in Fairview Junction, a station that is also used as a railway checkpoint, with additional Force Fields to block more access points. In other stations such as Metro Area or Terminal Gardens, trains are either immobile on the tracks or heavily damaged by Combine activity. The original lighting is still partially working, and Combine Lights are used in addition. The network also features Health Chargers, Combine Lockers, and Combine Fabricators. Some areas are also blocked off with Combine Heavy Doors.

When it was in use, the network was managed by the Terminal Authority, the city's public transport authority, which also managed buses, shuttles, and parking garages.

While the station names are in English on the network map, "Metro" is written in Russian, as "Метро".


As seen on the map, the network was divided into 7 lines:

  • Line 1, in pink
  • Line 2, in red
  • Line 3, in blue
  • Line 4, in orange
  • Line 5, in yellow
  • Line 6, in brown
  • Circle Linea, in gray

Known stations[edit]

On the map, only the stations and stops related to the areas seen in-game are named, while a dozen others remain unnamed. Fairview and Terminal were apparently the two most important stations of the network as they are connected to 4 lines out of 7. According to Alyx's journey on the holographic map of the city, Fairview and Terminal are mistakenly reversed on the metro map. The known stations are:


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