This subject is related to the Combine era.


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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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This article is about the early mechanical Scanner. For its successor, see City Scanner.

For other uses, see Scanner (disambiguation).

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Dhabih Eng[4]

The Combot[4][2] is the direct predecessor to the City Scanner.


Several concepts for the Combot, including a different design.
  • Mostly the City Scanner with a different skin, it is the first known mechanical Scanner to have been scripted. The other differences with the City Scanner is that it throws deadly gas,[2] has slightly different sounds and a tail shorter than that of the City Scanner. It is featured in the Half-Life 2 leak and can be found at the very start of the maps d1_trainstation_01 (where several are seen in various places) and devtest (on the Borealis).[2] Concept art also mentions it was to fire from small ergots on its two sides as a defense mechanism.[4]
  • The mechanical Scanner design was initially modeled after the shape and movement of a piranha.[1]
  • 11 sound files found in the Half-Life 2 leak file directory /sound/npc/scanner indicate that the mechanical Scanner was to talk directly to people via prerecorded messages. Spoken by a robotic female voice, they are spch_attention1: "Citizen, stop", spch_attention2: "Citizen, do not move", spch_attention3: "Attention, citizen", spch_failure1: "Failure to scan. Retinal imprint taken", spch_proceed1: "You may proceed", spch_proceed2: "You are free to go", spch_scan1: "Submit to be scanned", spch_scan2: "Present your ID band", spch_scan3: "Hold still for scan", spch_scan4: "Hands on your head", and spch_violation1: "Violation has been noted".[2]
  • Curiously, there is also a clear human cough in the folder, "cbot_cough2".
  • Other sounds found in the very Combot folder also indicate it was to charge itself, possibly at undefined Combine charging stations.[2]
  • Several Combots appear in the Half-Life 2 E3 2002 Trailer (set in the map e3_terminal) as well as in the E3 2003 video "Kleiner's Lab" (set in the map e3_lab), where two discover the lab, and a destroyed one is lying on a desk (replaced in the final game by a destroyed Manhack).
  • The Combot appears in most of the oldest City 17 maps from the WC map pack.[3]
  • Dog originally had a scrapped Combot for a head, which was changed to a City Scanner when the latter succeeded to the Combot.[2]
  • The name "Combot" is likely a portmanteau between the words "Combine" and "bot/robot".
  • The Combot has three sharp prongs that it can unfold ("flare") from around its eye. Whenever engaged in combat, it will fly with those prongs out, and retract them if no enemies are present. There are no actual attack animations or melee behavior that use them, however.


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