This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

Long Jump Module

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

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Long Jump Module
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"This, Mr. Freeman, is a Long Jump Module, created expressly for navigation in the world beyond. I certainly hope you received Long-Jump Training, because once you're in Xen, you will need it."
Black Mesa scientist[src]

The Long Jump Module is a device used by the Black Mesa survey teams to achieve large distance jumps on Xen with their HEV Suit. The multitude of floating islands that exist in Xen mean that the module is necessary to travel through them to explore the area. Without the module, one would fall to their death into the void below when attempting to jump a long distance between two islands.


The Long Jump Module is first introduced in Half-Life in the Hazard Course and given to Gordon by a scientist at the end of the chapter Lambda Core, in a supply depot for their first Xen survey team. It is usable by crouching and jumping in short successions.

In multiplayer mode, the jump distance is shorter than in single-player mode. In Opposing Force's CTF mode, a new sound was added to alert other players nearby. The same sound is also used in the ports of Half-Life.

Behind the scenes[edit]

According to an unused HEV Suit sound file ("powermove_overload.wav" in the folder "sound/fvox"), the Long Jump Module was to overload; probably if the player was to use it several times in a row.

According to Dario Casali, the inclusion of the Long Jump Module was due to Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington loving Mario and wanting to include movement puzzles and dynamics into Half-Life.[1]. The Mario game in question which inspired this addition was likely Super Mario 64 in which the character possessed a long jump ability.


  • The Long Jump Module model features the same back texture as the cut Oxygen Tank.
  • The model featured in the Half-Life: Day One files is a temporary one, the same as the early Battery model, only with red panes instead of blue.
  • No Long Jump Module models are found on the dead survey team members found around Xen; this is likely a developer oversight.


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