This subject is related to the Combine era.

Tanker Yard

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Tanker Yard
General information

Before the Seven Hour War


After the Uprising


Quarantine Zone, City 17


Combine occupation

Game information
  • a4_c17_tanker_yard
  • a4_c17_water_tower
Alyx: "Hey Russ, you wanna swap in here?"
Russell: "Yeahhh, no. I would probably die instantly."
―Alyx Vance and Russell, after a hard fight.[src]

The Tanker Yard[1] is an Antlion-infested Quarantine Zone freight train yard featured in the ninth and tenth chapters of Half-Life: Alyx, Revelations and Breaking and Entering.


Antlions being "milked" for Cleanup Solution.

The Tanker Yard is part of the abandoned industrial zone inside the Quarantine Zone. Around the place are abandoned tenement buildings, industrial shacks and a part of the QZ's outer walls. It is comprised of two separate sections with a Combine Barricade in between.

The first area is a train yard with several parallel tracks with parked tanker cars and multiple industrial buildings including shacks, warehouses, crane towers and funnels. It is in an overall state of disrepair, as evidenced by the tipped-over cars and cargo crates littered around the place. Antlions are also a common presence in the yards, and they have already constructed a complex colony, covering whole trains and buildings with hives and other alien growths. The Combine has little troops stationed in this area.

The second section is a completely Combine-controlled railway depot where Razor Trains unload. The water tower housing the Vault's backup substation is also located here. Like the nearby Parking Garage, the area was linked to line 2 of the City 17 Metro network through the "Train Depot" stop.

When Alyx passes through the area, she must face hordes of swarming Antlion Soldiers as well as three Antlion Workers at the back. A few Combine Grunts also fire at her from up on the catwalks. After defeating those enemies, she needs to unlock a Combine door to proceed to the second area. After overhearing an unknown scientist discussing the contents of the Vault with a Combine Advisor and fighting more Combine forces, Alyx has finally access to the controls of the station to which the Vault can be docked. When she fails to find the proper lever combination, she causes the Vault to crash down.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Combine soldier helmet parts on a makeshift workbench and tally marks for their victims in the Combine Killer's den.

The abandoned den visited after overhearing the Scientist's conversation was occupied by an individual referred to by the game's development team as the "Combine Killer". It was imagined as a person with a grudge against the Combine, who has chosen to survive in the Quarantine Zone, pending their time exacting revenge on unsuspecting Combine patrols, and possibly eventually joining the Resistance portrayed in Half-Life 2.[2]

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Triple Bypass.jpg Triple Bypass
Solve the tanker yard's electrical puzzle and escape.
Achievement High Water March.jpg High Water March
Start climbing the water tower.


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  1. Named so in the related "Triple Bypass" Achievement
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