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Central Zoo

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Central Zoo
General information

Before the Seven Hour War


After the Uprising


Quarantine Zone, City 17


Combine occupation

Game information


"Russ? Do you think a Headcrab could turn a gorilla into a zombie?"
Alyx Vance[src]

The Central Zoo (Russian "Центральный зоопарк", "Tsentral'nyy zoopark") is a Quarantine Zone location featured in the eighth chapter of Half-Life: Alyx, Captivity.


The Central Zoo was once a comprehensive and well-equipped zoological park, and had its dedicated City 17 Metro station connected to line 5. However, since the Combine occupation it has been cordoned off and deserted inside the Quarantine Zone. The Xen infestation there has been left unchecked, and the zoo is now swarming with Antlions, possibly being also connected to the vast colony underneath. Many of the zoo's former staff members were zombified by the roving Headcrabs and still roam the exhibits. As the habitats are now all emptied and in complete disarray, the previously housed animals have either long escaped or did not survive in the ensuing chaos of the Portal Storms and the Combine invasion, and the skeletal remains of some of them are still present on the grounds. The zoo also includes an aquarium, whose advertisements can be seen on newspapers. These aquatic exhibits are also in a state of disrepair, with most of the glass tanks either shattered or filled with Headcrabs.

Entering an embedded Combine seal in the Distillery, Alyx traveled to the zoo through the underground Antlion galleries. At the time of her journey, the facility appears to be already surrounded by Combine constructs such as smart barriers and watchtowers, and Overwatch troops are obviously trying to repel the various alien creatures there. However, it seems that they have also suffered sizable casualties, evidenced by the corpses of soldiers scattered all around the place. Near the margins of the zoo, there is also a small Combine station similar to the ones in the Tanker Yard where several Antlions are being "milked" for their Cleanup Solution.


Map of the Central Zoo, detailing its various exhibits.

When the Central Zoo was still in activity, it was home of a large variety of animals and would showcase 14 different exhibits. The ones visited during the course of the game are marked by a red asterisk.

  1. Eagle's Cage
  2. Tropical Bird Encounter
  3. Walk with the Giraffes*
  4. Penguin Pond
  5. The Food Chain*
  6. Tiger Pen*
  7. Rhinoceros Savanna
  8. Reptile House*
  9. Bugs!
  10. SeaFishes*
  11. Mighty Gorillas*
  12. Monkey & Otter Pals
  13. Zebra's Plains
  14. Elephant Pen

Animal list[edit]

3D billboard for the "Морская рыба" (Russian for "sea fish") exhibit, written as SeaFishes on the zoo's map.
The Mighty Gorillas exhibit.
The bodies of Grunts strewn about the Reptile House exhibit.


  • Black-crested bulbul (has its own sign; is on the Food Chain diagram).
  • Eagle (is on the zoo's map, in the Eagle's Cage exhibit).
  • Gray partridge (has its own sign; can be found stuffed).
  • Great cormorant (has its own sign; can be found stuffed - for some reason the model name is "aalscholver"; Dutch for "cormoran").
  • Gyrfalcon (has its own sign; can be found stuffed).
  • Penguins (is on the zoo's map, in the Penguin Pond exhibit).
  • Various tropical birds, including parrots and toucans (is in the Tropical Bird Encounter exhibit on the zoo's map, an ad and a mural mosaic).


  • Arapaima (has its own sign).
  • Brown-marbled grouper (has its own sign).
  • Grunt sculpin (has its own sign).
  • Humphead wrasse (has its own sign).
  • Humuhumunukunukuāpua'a (lagoon triggerfish) (has its own sign).
  • Red-bellied piranha (has its own sign).


  • Coconut crab (has its own sign).
  • Giant Pacific octopus (has its own sign).
  • Lion's mane jellyfish (has its own sign).
  • Moon jelly (has its own sign).
  • Red imported fire ant (has its own sign).
  • Tarantula (has its own sign).
  • Weaver ant (is on the Food Chain diagram).


  • Bengal fox (has its own sign).
  • Bengal tiger (is on the zoo's map, in the Tiger Pen exhibit; is on the Food Chain diagram; has its own poster, sign and standee; a skull can be found and even worn by Alyx).
  • Chinkara (is on the Food Chain diagram; has its own sign).
  • Elephant (is on the zoo's map, in the Elephant Pen exhibit).
  • Gaur (is on the Food Chain diagram).
  • Gorilla (is on the zoo's map, in the Mighty Gorillas exhibit; has a large statue near its enclosure).
  • Giraffe (is on the zoo's map, in the Walk with the Giraffes exhibit; has its own poster; has a banner in the tourist feeding area; a skeleton can be found in its enclosure).
  • Otter (is on the zoo's map, in the Monkey & Otter Pals exhibit).
  • Rhinoceros (is on the zoo's map, in the Rhinoceros Savanna exhibit).
  • Zebra (is on the zoo's map, in the Zebra's Plains exhibit; has its own poster).
  • Various monkey species (is on the zoo's map, in the Monkey & Otter Pals exhibit).


  • Green anole (has its own sign).
  • Green iguana (has its own sign).
  • Komodo dragon (has its own sign).
  • Large-scaled pit viper (is on the Food Chain diagram).
  • Red-tailed boa (has its own sign).
  • Reticulated python (has its own sign).
  • Rhinoceros iguana (has its own sign).
  • Sharp-mouthed lizard (has its own sign).

Children drawings[edit]

The children drawings displayed near the gorilla's enclosure feature animals not found to be showcased in the zoo, including pandas, a lion, a narwhal, a sloth, bears, etc.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Team Spirit.jpg Team Spirit
Bring Russell a bottle of vodka.
Achievement Sea Level.jpg Sea Level
Reach the aquatic exhibits.





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