This subject is related to the Combine era.

Parking Garage

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

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Parking Garage
General information

Before the Seven Hour War


After the Uprising


Quarantine Zone, City 17


Combine occupation


Terminal Authority (formerly)

Game information


Russell: "A Strider. Deactivated, though. Lucky break there. Could you imagine that thing blocking your way?"
Alyx: "Oh man, Russ. Don't jinx me."
Alyx Vance and Russell[src]

The Parking Garage is a Quarantine Zone location featured in the tenth chapter of Half-Life: Alyx, Breaking and Entering. It is an underground parking complex which is heavily damaged in the Vault's crash.


The Parking Garage is located nearly directly under where the Vault was hovering, so when Alyx Vance arrived there after causing the Vault's crash, it is completely demolished and on fire, killing a large number of the Combine troops investigating Antlion infestation there and incapacitating a few Striders. The surviving Combine soldiers can be heard reporting damage status to the Overwatch Voice, and are apparently in a state of confusion. In the garage there is an elevator with a deactivated Strider lying on top of it. When Alyx turned on the electricity of the elevator, the Strider reanimates and began firing on her. She must combat the Strider and reinforcing Combine squads while traversing through the garage and its surrounding buildings until she finds a Combine Mounted Gun and uses it to kill the Strider. She then gets trapped in a tractor beam emitted by the fallen Vault and slowly floats into it, losing contact with the outside.

As seen in evacuation plans in the complex, the garage was managed by the Terminal Authority, which also runs City 17's metro network and other public transportation. Like the nearby Tanker Yard, the area was linked to line 2 of the City 17 Metro network through the "Train Depot" stop.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Textbook Jinxing.jpg Textbook Jinxing
Wake the Strider.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Early on in development, the disabled Strider was originally meant to be freed by the player, and it would later help the player escape. This concept was inspired from Aesop's fable The Lion and the Mouse, and its configuration went through several iterations, from a Combine silo with the Strider contained in some device to a collapsed garage with the Strider trapped in the elevator shaft. After being freed, the Strider would lash out at anything nearby, thus clearing the player's way. This was a strong story when told, but it proved to be difficult to be understandably expressed to the players, so it was let go in favor of a more achievable Hunter and Prey version that eventually shipped.[1]


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