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Combine Bunker

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Bunker
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"Alert. Contact status zero with land-sea intercept teams. Possible Anticitizen One re-infection. All Nova Prospekt stabilization delegates move to hard points."
Overwatch Voice[src]

The Combine Bunker, referred to as a Hardpoint in Combine phraseology, is a structure used as outlying protection in Combine bases, most notably Nova Prospekt, where they guard the area against infiltration along the Coast. They protect gunners within, allowing them to shoot at enemies within range.


Lining the coast to Nova Prospekt, Combine Bunkers are built off cliffs and terraces, offering an advantageous field of view. They house Combine Soldiers and supplies, providing perimeter defense against Antlions and other intruders. Those fortifications are virtually bulletproof, and are armed with as much as three Emplacement Guns protected by defensive Force Fields to repel possible incursions. The bunkers are equipped with radios, as a high-ranking Combine Soldier can be heard sending orders to overrun outposts, and some of them feature alarm switches. A small entrance, the Bunker's only weakness, is located at the rear of the structure. Bunkers can vary greatly in shape and size, ranging from small single forts to large interconnected strongholds, and some older human concrete bunkers are also converted by the Combine. The easiest way to take out the occupants of a Bunker would be the use of a grenade.


Half-Life 2[edit]

Bunkers appear prominently in the second half of the chapter Sandtraps of Half-Life 2, in which Gordon Freeman must defeat the intercepting Combine soldiers (referred to as stabilization teams by the Overwatch Voice) in bunkers with the help of the swarms of Antlions under his control. Three of the hardpoints Freeman traverses have their names revealed by Combine soldiers attempting to get in contact with them over the radio. These hardpoints are codenamed Nomad, Shadow and Stinger.


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