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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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"Did you ever had your hands on any of the weapons these guys are supposedly armed with? Suddenly it's not just rocks, and bottles, and Molotovs."
Combine Soldier[src]

The Brickbat is an unfinished (and probably test) weapon cut from Half-Life 2 and a predecessor of the Gravity Gun. It can be found in the Half-Life 2 leak files.


Fast Headcrab viewmodel, used as the Molotov Cocktail viewmodel in the leak.

The Brickbat was to allow the player to use a small selection of props as weapons by picking them up on the ground and throwing them at enemies. This mechanic was to include at least four elements: rocks (four models, all identical), Cremator heads, Fast Headcrabs (mirroring the Snark from Half-Life), and beer bottles (in two versions, recycled for the Molotov Cocktail). The damage of the thrown objects was to depend on said objects air velocity upon impact.[1]

It also appears that Citizens were to use the Brickbat weapon as well. While they were to use the Molotov Cocktail in Get Your Free TVs!, the Half-Life 2 leak source code shows that they also were to throw rocks and Cremator heads (the Combine Factories' workers) at Combine forces.[1] Hammer also shows that Citizens have two weapon choices named "Beer Bottle" and "Beer Bottle2".

In the leak, the Molotov Cocktail appears as a Headcrab when spawned, but is a regular Molotov when thrown. This is mainly because the Molotov's coding was built on top of the remnants of the Brickbat, namely the bottle version, and was not completed at the time of the leak. The Molotov HUD icon is also that of the Snark, supporting the analogy between the two weapons, the Headcrab Brickbat being in a way the Source version of the Snark. It was also apparently used by Citizens to show them roasting Headcrabs above a fire, as seen in the WC map pack map with the prefix canals_02_. It can be also found near Citizens in the rooftops maps and its variants and the map camocity.

It was likely removed when the Gravity Gun made it redundant since this new weapon allows the player to pick up and throw almost every object in the game. Its entity name, "weapon_brickbat", can still be found in Hammer with the four elements to choose from, though it is invalid.


The term "brickbat" refers to thrown pieces of brick. It seems to be used here as a generic term for improvised thrown weapons.



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