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Walking Turret

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This subject is related to the Portal era.
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Walking Turret
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Aperture Science


Walking Sentry Turret

Game information

The Walking Turret,[1] also referred as the Moving Turret or the Mobile Turret, is a Personality Construct-based Sentry Turret variant cut from Portal.


  • The Walking Turret was first revealed to the public through a piece of concept art shown during the PotatoFoolsDay ARG in 2011; further details were given in 2012 during a presentation by Valve animator Karen Prell at Animex 2012.
  • Beside walking and shooting at the player, it was also apparently able to move through portals and turn into a ball to fling itself or be flung by unknown means. It is also possible that this "fling pose" could have been its idle state.
  • According to Karen Prell, it was discarded in favor of a static turret facing only one direction, which was considered a better game mechanic by the team.[1]
  • Its Personality Construct-based design was kept in Portal for the Rocket Turret. Its walking animations were reused (among many others) as the basis for Wheatley's early locomotions animations in Portal 2.[1]
  • There is concept art for "Mobile Turret" variant, made for Portal 2, which suggest that concept of Walking Turret was reused for this game. Like it's precursor, this concept was scrapped.


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