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Dock 137

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Dock 137
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The Coast


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Combine, formerly Resistance

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The Dock 137,[3] also known as the Pier 137,[3] is a former Northern Petrol facility[3] and a stopping point of the Coast levels.


Dock 137 consists of a small warehouse district and a pier, situated where the ocean and a dried-up inlet meet. This area was used as a Resistance base for a time but was occupied by the Combine prior to Gordon's arrival.

Several halls, sheds, and hangars are located here, as well as a water tower and a magnetic crane, used previously for unloading ships, which are both overlooking the whole district. Many containers can be seen in Dock 137, along with wooden crates, barrels, and wrecked vehicles. Sands of the dry seabed, on which rest a couple of ships and wrecked boats, are home to many Antlions.

The Combine influence doesn't seem to be strong here. The only signs of its presence are a flipped-over APC, a Thumper, and Combine Soldiers, guarding the area.


Half-Life 2[edit]

After leaving New Little Odessa, Gordon arrives at Dock 137, where he clears the facility of Combine Soldiers and continues down the highway, only to be attacked by a Combine Gunship that has been radioed in.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life 2
Hl2 kill enemies withcrane.png OSHA Violation (5G)
Kill 3 enemies using the crane.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • In Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar, Laura Dubuk talks about the creation of the magnetic crane introduced at Shorepoint and featured again at Dock 137: "When it came time to gather reference for the magnetic crane, I got my camera and a friend and I drove down to west Seattle where there are a number of them. For the crane interior, I used the inside of a bulldozer and the reference was complete."[2]
  • Before the game's release, most of Dock 137's features appeared in the E3 2003 map e3_seafloor, which also included Lighthouse Point's lighthouse, after it was first used in the early Depot maps.[1]
  • The 2003 storyline version of Dock 137 have two rebels cut from the final game: Backmantis and Morgan. They can be seen standing next to a shed on the dock leading up to the crane. When approached, Backmantis informs Gordon Freeman that he used to be the original crane operator for the area and ensures him that the crane is operational.


  • If the player pushes the APC into the water, they will receive a mission-terminated message, the same as if the Scout Car was pushed into the water.
  • A map of the Coast with the most significant Resistance bases can be found inside the biggest warehouse.




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