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Combine Ordinal

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Ordinal
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Combine Overwatch


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Rajia Baroudi

"All units. Expose all shadows."
― Combine Ordinal[src]

The Combine Ordinal, also known as the Combine Captain[1] and Combine Officer, is a high-ranking transhuman officer class of the Combine Overwatch introduced in Half-Life: Alyx.


Combine Ordinals act as squad commanders in Combine forces, usually leading a group of Combine Grunts along with individual Combine Charger or Combine Suppressor units. They wear a dark blue outfit fitted with armor plates and marked with yellow stripes and carry a portable radio transceiver backpack. Ordinals wield what seems to be a predecessor of the Pulse Rifle, and have folded Manhacks strapped to their waists which they can deploy to flush out hiding enemies. They sometimes carry pistol magazines and Health Pens on their vests, despite not visibly using them. During combat, Ordinals can be heard frequently giving out orders to their teammates which they will acknowledge, and sometimes they will make unique commanding gestures. If a squad's Ordinal is killed, his remaining squad members will report to Overwatch over the radio that their leader is down, rendering their team tactics disorganized from then on.


Although not as strong as the Chargers and Suppressors, the Ordinals still prove to be the most versatile and intelligent Combine soldier type and can use their armaments to lethal effect. Due to their weapons' long range and good accuracy, Ordinals tend to hang back and provide a command for other units. Players are advised to be mindful of their sightlines, as they can easily flank and deal large amounts of damage on higher difficulties. Moreover, Combine squads are usually headed by a pair of Manhacks deployed by the Ordinal, and they can stay behind and continuously release them mid-fight, harassing the player so other units can advance.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The unused Combine Soldier model includes placeholder texture variations for several different soldier classes, among these being a "Commander" class in a yellow suit which may be an early form of the Ordinal.

Rather than having a Pulse Rifle as is their standard loadout present throughout the rest of the game, the Ordinal seen during the safehouse raid in the opening wields an SMG. In the game's announcement trailer, an Ordinal is seen equipped with a Grenade. However, only three are ever seen equipped with and using them in-game.

The Ordinals' pauldrons feature a modified Combine Elite logo, with the center skull being replaced with the head of a Vortigaunt. This insignia may be derived from the scrapped "Vortigaunt capture" soldier class, as seen in the concept artworks. It may also indicate that the Ordinals are tasked with combating Vortigaunts.


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