This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Alien Craft

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Alien Craft
General information




Individual information

4000 (Decay)


Belly energy beam

Game information
  • N/A (uses the brush entity func_tracktrain in HL and BS)
  • monster_alienflyer (Decay)


The Alien Craft,[1] also known as Alien Ship,[1] Flyer,[2] or "kite-shaped alien",[1] is a flying creature found on Xen, mostly impervious to damage from any weapon.


The Alien Craft comes in three variants:

  • The blue/brown Craft, a brush entity with a pointed head and a single tail, is seen only during the regenerating parade in the first map of the Half-Life chapter Interloper.
  • The beige/brown Craft, is also a brush entity. Encountered in all Half-Life games, it has a W-shaped head and two tails.
  • The "boss" Craft, an actual world-model with a single flying animation, is encountered as the final boss of Half-Life: Decay at the Gamma Labs, is a double-tailed craft with a slit down the middle, and the same color scheme of the first variant. Its purpose is to destroy the Displacement Beacon set up by Dr. Keller, meant to create a Resonance reversal. This particular Alien Craft is the only one that can be destroyed.

Behavior and skills[edit]

The Alien Craft has a fairly large variety of abilities. Firstly, it is capable of controlling its flight very easily by unknown means, reaching the speed of even a military fighter jet, evidenced by the shock waves created as they zoom past. In addition, it is capable of generating an orange beam of energy from its similarly colored underside, most notably seen at the beginning of Opposing Force, where several Crafts take down Ospreys Goose 7 and 3 using the same beam.


The beige/brown Craft is used widely for other Xen aliens, usually for transporting Alien Grunts, somewhat imitating deployment of US Marines from Ospreys several at a time, as well as the troop transport structures commonly carried by Combine Dropships (however they seem to rather teleport the troops from somewhere else than actually carrying them). They are also used to gain air superiority for Vortigaunts and Alien Grunts, shown when a group of Ospreys are attacked by Alien Craft at the beginning of Opposing Force.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The creature is commonly known within the community as the "Manta Ray" or "Stingray" due to its similarities with that particular fish superorder.


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