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  • The "attention" field will generally not be used on a new upload, except for {{Notorphan}} or {{No source}}.
  • The "description" field should be used for an accurate description of the file's contents, preferably with link(s) to its subject(s). This information should be listed whether or not the template is used.
  • The "transcript" field should be used to transcribe any significant amount of written text in the image for easier reading and searching convenience purposes.
  • The "location" field should be used for game screenshots to identify what map and chapter the image was taken in.
  • The "source" field should list the specific source that the item comes from, with a link to it, and most of the time in italics. If the source is a website, the URL is mandatory. This information should be listed whether or not the template is used.
  • "Author" is an optional field for author/artist information.
  • "Filespecs" should be used to list specific information about any editing or processing the file has undergone -- this is critical for any image which has been modified from the original source. This information should be listed whether or not the template is used.
  • "Model name" is the full path location and file name of the model displayed in the image. This only applies to model screenshots.
  • "Original name" is original file name of the picture. This should be used only for official pre-release screenshots. It serves historical purposes and shows map name to identify location on the screenshot easier.
  • "Licensing" is an absolutely non-optional field which must be used to indicate the license, and "GFDL" or "public domain" licenses must not be used for anything copyrighted by Valve or an affiliate. Again, the copyright templates to be chosen can be found at Category:Copyright templates. Most of the time, the template used for the pictures seen on this wiki is {{Gamescreenshot}}, which is {{Fairuse}} by default. This information must be listed whether or not the template is used.
  • "Other versions" should be used to indicate when alternate but non-duplicate versions or formats of a file are available.
  • The "cat" fields are for image categories. "Cat type", for example "Category:Half-Life 2: Episode One screenshots", is the primary one to be used. You'll find the needed category/categories here. Be careful, however. While all the images from the games fall into the {{Gamescreenshot}} license, only in-game images and models viewed in a model viewer fall into the "screenshot" category, while other images, such as extracted logos or unaltered textures fall into the simple "images" category. The other field usage is the "cat subject" (see the in-universe subjects images category to choose the proper category). Use these fields only if you are certain of how the image categorization system works.

See also Help:Images for pre- and post-upload information.




Something might be maybe wrong! Or not!


What is seen on the picture, with proper links to the related articles. Example : "Alyx running through the streets of City 17".


ep1_c17_00, Urban Flight


Half-Life 2: Episode One


most of the time empty


I it is for example cropped or if the gamma/contrast was changed.



Other versions

most of the time empty