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Russell's drone

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Russell's drone
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Reconaissence drone



  • Clamp
  • Camera
  • Text-to-speech generator
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The Resistance

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Rich Sommer

"With my drone back online we've finally got the upper - oh no, you're kidding me!"
Russell, after seeing his drone being destroyed the second time[src]

Russell's drone is a modified Combine City Scanner created by Russell that appears in Half-Life: Alyx.


Russell uses the drone to perform reconnaissance around City 17 and, thanks to several modifications to the base Scanner model, can also use it to remotely carry out dangerous actions from the safety of his lab. The housing around the Scanner's "eye" has been removed, and A/V equipment affixed with a protruding antenna is plugged into the front camera presumably to allow a visual feed to be sent to Russell. The drone's upper left flap is removed and replaced with a pneumatic arm that has a large clamp attached to the end, enabling it to carry light items. A small laser module has been duct-taped to the top of the clamp which is shown to be powerful enough to cut through metal. Unlike regular City Scanners which have glowing red eyes, the camera eye on Russell's drone emits a green light. Russell is able to communicate through the drone with what appears to be a text-to-speech generator which speaks in a slow, disjointed mechanical fashion.


Half-Life: Alyx[edit]

The drone is first seen being used in an attempt to rescue Eli Vance after he had been captured by the Combine in a raid on his safehouse. With the prisoners of the raid being transported in multiple Prisoner Transport vans and being unable to tell who's inside which transport, Russell uses his drone to smash into the front windshield of one transport and drop a primed Grenade into the cabin, killing the Civil Protection officers inside and overturning the vehicle. This ends up freeing Alyx instead. Russell then uses the drone to give a headset to Alyx in order to communicate with her directly. The drone begins guiding Alyx back to Russell's lab, using its laser to cut open the vehicle's back door and through the lock on a ladder. However, a passing Strider inadvertently drops its foot on the drone, sending it careening into the nearby building sides before eventually exploding.

Later on, after Alyx has ventured deep into the Quarantine Zone between the Holden Company Processing Plant and the Golden Lion Distillery, Russell's drone returns, Russell having been able to repair it. While Russell is elated that the drone is back in action, it is immediately destroyed again by a newly arrived Combine patrol.


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Russell's drone
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