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I looked around the forum and couldn't find a similar topic so i decieded to bite the bullet and start one. Lemmie know if i did something wrong.

Ok, i'm probably just imagining things but i was studying the icthyosaur (however that is spelled) in Garrys Mod and i noticed that it bears a similar resemblance to the advisors. I'm pretty sure its pure coincidence, but there certanly were some similarities. Supposing the icthyosaurs are actually underdeveloped cousins or something while the advisors are the more advanced modern-day species, who decided to take their organs out of their bodies and keep them in special suits so they could gain immortality and other strange powers. Now before you list the flaws, let me assure you that i have considered them. For the first part, it really doesn't explain how they gained the power to "float" and the whole tongue thing. Secondly, you can tell by common sense that it doesn't actually work. So, now that i have now presented and refuted my own arguement, theres not much to say, except what if the advisors are actually not the highest link in command? what if, they too, are just pawns of a higher order? i'm not talking about Gman of course, i believe he works for/with someone on the other side of the conflict.

Whoops, forgot to sign in, sorry --Trigus 21:35, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Advisors and Ickies were both designed by Ted Backman. I think the similarities only comes from his style. Klow 19:27, 29 May 2009 (UTC)