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Should a separate page be made about panels? Or at least more information included about them in the test chambers section. They do seem to have a sort of personality, in some chambers they can be seen attempting to ram themselves into place, rotating, then trying again, in one chamber there is a cube stuck on one, it try's to spin it off and it's neighbouring panel try's to help it. they also have a blue light when working normally and they turn red when evil Wheatley takes control and when they fail to get into their place, and it is almost like they are looking at the player as they seem to convey the emotion of whatever controls the facility, when GLaDOS deletes Caroline they move from aiming at the player to falling flat.

There is nothing special about panels. It's robotic arms that are so special.

Maybe robotic arms were present even in Portal 1, but were "concealed" from the player. My assumption:

  • Robotic arms were NOT meant to used like raw material in building test chambers.
  • Robotic arms were implemented to assist in building test chambers using stanadart concrete and metal blocks.
  • Most of the facility were already done and functional during Portal 1. Test chambers were built from solid stationary blocks using robotic arms. Then, robotic arms were hidden somewhere in the maintenance area, because there was no longer need in them.
    • In Portal 1, test chambers are not built from solid stationary blocks: they are built from panels, but with orange borders and moving in one direction. SiPlus 14:21, April 29, 2011 (UTC)
  • Many decades passed siince Portal 1. Now it's Portal 2. Test chambers are in great disrepair, and the blocks, from witch they were built, actually falling apart. Because there are no spare intact blocks left, GLaDOS can't rebuild them in their previous stationary style. So it is starting to use robotic arms not as supporting tool, but as building material itself. And that's why here comes new modular-style test chambers starting from Cold Boot chapter. 13:16, April 29, 2011 (UTC) I think there should be a page about Panels, they're what makes up all the test chambers in Portal 2. I also think someone should create the page about the Salt Mine that the modern Enrichment Center is built in.--Necrohunter7 18:52, May 6, 2011 (UTC)

If somebody wants to create these articles, create them, but comply Manual of Style, Layout Guide and Image policy. SiPlus 06:09, May 7, 2011 (UTC)