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Where did you guys get him? I just saw the new Beta- pages, and i can't find on Google.

Welcome. Don't forget to sign your comments with the infamous 4 "~" shown below! Actually you'll have to find yourself, like everybody else, since: it's pointless to ask on Beta forums, most of the users being quite rude, unpleasant and not helpful and most of the time (like it sadly was on the Missing Information forums - I never understood why); it is getting very difficult to find it, and I don't even have the original links to my version left; and as the subject is quite touchy, we'll never provide any links to it here. The Beta is explained here as a "behind-the-scene" feature, not a support to piracy. Download the mod Missing Information, that's the only thing I can give you. Klow 19:47, 4 January 2009 (UTC)