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Hey, does anyone can help to clean something I try the best as I could but suddenly don't know why I got warning message about blocking me due to violent of writing Nonsense. Don't forgot I have play that mod before I even write over here because again since no one try to create a page about that Mod since it so privacy about only a few people did recognize with and should be getting more people to attention since It one of the those mod where people using their hard time to developed and sacrifice to let our fans to play. Anyway, if anyone can help me to write this I will be very welcome to anyone could help Thanks and peace. Also, I post the link: to all of you to think about it and sorry for my English.

First of all, you should remember to sign yout posts on forums and talk pages with four tildes. Second, if you want an article created, but if you're certain that you will not be capable of doing a good job yourself, request another person to make the article. It would be sad to dleete all your content, but it is in bad english, and very hard to read through. It simply doesn't live up to the wikis standard. I would prefer to make a complete rewrite of the entire article, because the content is probably relevant enough. I can't do it myself since I haven't played this mod, but since you seem aware that you are not excactly perfect at english, don't write long texts on this wiki when they are riddled with errors. I am sorry if I sound rude, but I just want to make my opinion clear, and I hope you won't be scared away form editing at the wiki. Thanks--Fijure 20:32, October 17, 2011 (UTC)