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About me

Hello there, I am a real fan of Half-Life, and administrator on this wiki. I am a fifteen year old Danish male, that first played Half-Life 2, and later the other Half-Life and Portal games in spring 2008. I've played them all numerous times since, most lately Decay, which I played on pc for the second time a couple of months ago. Before Half-Life, I played LEGO Chess, LEGO Alpha Team, Age of Empires 2 and 3, as well as Cabela's Dangerous Hunts. I played Left 4 Dead and it's sequel since the day of release, and have recently gotten into BioShock, it's sequel, and the DLC Minerva's Den. I am awaiting the next Half-Life as eagerly as anyone on this wiki (presumably) is. Half-Life wiki was my first wiki, and I was once active on L4D wiki and currently on BioShock wiki.

Favorite 10 Half Life Characters

1. Cave Johnson - due to his "I am the boss" attitude, and light-hearted view on science.

2. Wheatley - due to his lovable cowardice, incompetence and lack of intelligence, as well as attempts to disprove this.

3. Wallace Breen - due to his intelligent use of words, as well as his capability of making the Combine seem as saviors.

4. GLaDOS - due to her never-ending stream of cold-hearted insults, her talkativeness, and her unreliability.

5. Father Grigori - due to his insanity applied to do something good for his townspeople.

6. Arne Magnusson - due to his authoritarian and egoistical nature, as well as his "I am a genius, you are not" attitude.

7. Barney Calhoun - due to his capability to always deliver some dark humor to any situation, and friendly nature.

8. Judith Mossman - due to her ambigouosness regarding her allegiance.

9. Alyx Vance - due to being friendly, and capable of kicking ass.

10. Eli Vance - due to his friendly and almost grandfatherly nature, and high intelligence.

My games

  • List of the games I play the most.
  • All Half life games
  • Both Left 4 Dead games
  • both Bioshock games
  • Age of Empires 2 and 3
  • Zoo Tycoon 2

Pages I've made