This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

Defective Turret

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This subject is related to the Portal 2 era.

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Crap turret.jpg
Defective Turret
General information

Aperture Science


Unfinished autonomous gun platform


Aperture Science

Used by
Voiced by

Nolan North

"I can't see a thing. What just happened? Better open fire! [click click click click] Dang!"
― Defective Turret[src]

Defective Turrets, or Crap Turrets as they are referred to by Wheatley, are damaged, unfinished, or faultily assembled Aperture Science Sentry Turrets seen and used in the Enrichment Center during the events of Portal 2.


  • They lack the outer white shell of normal turrets, and their insides are visible. Additionally, their laser guide is off or broken, and their dialogue indicates they are blind, though they seem to notice Chell regardless. They also seem to be out of bullets, as when they fire, only a clicking sound is made. After a while, they bizarrely catch on fire and explode. Some even appear to have been assembled sideways, or are still in their boxes.
  • In Chapter 5 of Portal 2, Chell sabotages the Aperture Science turret assembly lines by replacing the template turret with a defective one, causing all the fully functional turrets to be thrown out. This does not prevent fully-functional turrets from appearing later, so it's possible this problem was later rectified or did not affect the turrets which had already been built.
  • When GLaDOS attempts to surround Chell with turrets, she instead uses these because of the earlier sabotage. They simply stand around and click, then explode.
  • Wheatley later repeats this error when he plans a perfectly good ambush for Chell, but uses defective turrets instead of working ones, despite knowing of Chell's sabotage. Once again, they explode harmlessly.
  • They speak in a masculine voice rather than the feminine ones like the rest of the turrets. Their voices also seem to lack the robotic edge of the normal turrets. Also, instead of speaking in a soft-spoken and friendly voice like the normal turrets, their dialogue is instead very snarky, sarcastic and comedic. Defective turrets seem to have a much larger vocabulary, as they always have some sort of remark about their surroundings, versus the limited and repeated dialogue of the normal turrets.
  • They will sometimes ask other turrets for bullets, try to speak in a higher voice to imitate non-defective ones, and humorously shout "Blam! Blam! Blam! I'm not defective!" in a vain attempt to not get tossed out.
  • Certain defective turrets are in boxes. They do not shoot and blow up near instantly.


Another type of defective Turret.
  • These are not to be confused with the "different" turret, which is fully assembled but says different lines in a different voice.
  • If the player grabs one before moving the template turret and switches them instantaneously, the template turret exploding will cause the defective turret to become slightly misaligned. Despite this, the system still functions correctly.
  • The turrets appearing in Course 5 of Cooperative Testing Initiative look like defective turrets but work and speak properly. This, possibly, means that defective turrets are built by broken 20th century machines, as Course 5 is set in the old Enrichment Center.
  • Hacking a functioning turret into the game and placing it in the Master Turret Booth will cause it to change its model to a defective turret.
  • If the player uses the "noclip" command to place the Oracle Turret in the template slot, the game will replace it with a defective turret.[1]

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