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Alyx's Hideout

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Alyx’s Hideout
General information

After the uprising


City 17


Combine occupation

Game information


"Alyx! How's it looking up there?"
Eli Vance[src]

Alyx's Hideout is a City 17 location featured in the first chapter of Half-Life: Alyx, Entanglement.


As part of her reconnaissance mission, Alyx Vance has established a personal hideout on the upmost floor of a City 17 tenement building. Most of the normal entrances to the floor have been barricaded off, leaving an elevator as the only means of access. From here, she has set up a lookout post on a balcony which overlooks the rooftops of the city facing towards the under-construction Citadel. She keeps a radio, a chair, food rations and drinks, and a book by Dr. Kleiner here. Just behind this balcony is a greenhouse where she installed a video calling station with a microphone and several monitors to keep in contact with her father Eli and the rest of the Resistance. On the windows of the greenhouse, Alyx writes directly on the glass panes with dry erase markers to monitor the situations in the city from her vantage point, most recently marking "Pylon 7B" where her father carried out the heist of a Combine mini-reactor from the pylon's resupply yard. This greenhouse is protected by a door with a magnetic lock.

Past the locked door is a hallway leading out to a secondary balcony which heads into a smaller interior room where Alyx has placed her surveillance equipment. She keeps a tripod-mounted camera pointed outside her window to observe Combine activity, recording these feeds onto VHS tapes (here given the fictional brand "AHS"). She has a workstation desk with a small CRT monitor and a supply of mostly blank tapes nearby, at least one of these surveillance sessions being taped over a recording of the film Dirty Dancing. On a table, she keeps a bug jar with a pet Snark inside and an antique globe on which she has marked off the continents which are apparently no longer inhabitable or are of unknown status following the Seven Hour War. She keeps several whiteboards around on which she writes down and monitors additional activities. On one whiteboard, she has recently written out the plan for the Pylon 7B raid, and on another, she has been keeping tabs on the progress of the construction of the Citadel. Alyx also keeps some personal mementos in this room, such as a Polaroid photo of a young Dog and her sketches for her planned upgrades for him.

On the ground floor of her hideout is a laundry room which is still in use by the regular residents. On a bulletin board, a Citizen named Sarah has recently put up a "Missing Cat" poster for her cat named Beatrice.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Good Grub.jpg Good Grub
Feed the snark.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The concept of a hideout occupied by Alyx can be traced back to the early days of Half-Life 2’s development, as suggested by a single sound file found in the Half-Life 2 leak sound folder temp/alyx, titled cache.wav and dated October 28, 2000. In it, Alyx describes her place: "Well, here we are... It's not home exactly. I never stay anywhere long enough to call it home. But it has all the comfort, you know, like food, and water, weapons, and ammo. Make yourself comfortable. You can charge up your batteries over there. I got some stuff to take care of and... then we'll get moving.".






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