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Hey. I'm Scruffy. My real name is Donovan.

Fun facts:

1) I like to map, for any VALVe made Source game

2) I really hate kids, immature little twats who go around the internet complaining about everything, thinking they're always right, and are overall an annoyance

3) If you want to gain my respect,

  • Don't act like a twat. You're not that special.
  • Use proper grammar/punctuation. I am aware that we are all in the vast world of the internet, but writing represents you somewhat, and if write like an idiot, then well, guess what you are.
  • Be 14+ and not act like a 13- twatblanket.
  • Don't constantly bitch and moan, regardless of your age.

4) I also like to alter skins/textures in Source.

5) I'm good at CS.

6) I hate people with a big ego.

That's it for now...