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Station 7

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Station 7
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"You'll find more help up at Station 7, just a few bends up the river. It's the old red barn."

Station 7 was a Resistance Underground Railroad station located at the end of the Wasteland part of the Canals leading out of City 17. It is seen at the beginning of the Half-Life 2 chapter Water Hazard.


Hunter-Chopper passing by Station 7 in the Half-Life 2 menu for the Canals.

Located on a bank of the Canals, Station 7 was used by the Resistance as a refugee aid station before the destruction of City 17. Consisting of a wooden red barn and two other wooden white buildings, it was manned by at least three Resistance members.

The station's most obvious feature is a large crane on top of the barn. This crane was likely used to lift supplies up to the main barn, which would be too difficult to carry up the ladder. The crane is constructed out of scraps found in the area, as with most of the technology found in Resistance outposts. The red barn contains an attic, which could have served as a lookout, and a table, a radio and a mattress can be found on the ground floor.

The two other buildings located behind the barn are blocked off from the shore by a fence and cannot be accessed. They could have served as barracks for the Resistance members stationed there.


The crane holding supplies.

Half-Life 2[edit]

When Gordon Freeman has to make his way through the Canals, Civil Protection had been finding, raiding and destroying Resistance Underground Railroad stations. Station 7 is one of the unlucky outposts unfortunate enough to be hit by a Headcrab Shell bombardment.

As Gordon Freeman arrives at Station 7, told by a Resistance member in the previous station that he would find help there, he first sees the G-Man on the outdoor walkway of the station as he approaches the spot in his Airboat.

When Gordon gets inside the barn, the Rebels stationed there are dead or turned into hostile Zombies, results of the Headcrab Shell that crashed through the barn's roof. Gordon also hears a woman from another station desperately trying to hail Station 7 on the radio, and sees a Hunter-Chopper pass by.

The prominent crane is used for an optional puzzle. The player has to climb across the rafters, then into the attic, and finally lower the crane's basket to obtain supplies.


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