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OverWiki:April Fools' Day 2010/Gerden freeman

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Wiki logo april 1st.png This article is part of the April Fools' Day 2010 hoax.

The subject matter of this article only consists of parody and nonsense and must not be taken as part of the Combine OverWiki's actual content. Reader's discretion and sense of humor are advised.

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gerden is leik so awsum cuz he warez the hev sut n he hav a shutgun


gerden freeman lik shutguns n pwnin combin cuz he leiks itz. hes also inluv wit alyx

Gerden Freeman was born retarded and has a very shrill voice; as a result, he never speaks in the game as it was decided that that would ruin the experience. Being born retarded has proved to be quite beneficial to Gerden since what he lacks in the brain, he more than makes up for on the battlefield and in bed. His incredible strength and reach allows him to kick ass on an unbelievable scale; and with Alyx, [inappropriate]

Gerden is also an acid junkie, and dances in night clubs

Gerden has supernatural powers that allow him to magically float over the ground and ladders, with no visible signs of his body. He can even climb a ladder downwards while still holding his gun with both hands!

Gerden Freeman is pure awesome, you want to have his baby

gerden lieks shutguns[edit]

shutguns rockz lololol

 gerdens liekz his bitchez.