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In the end of portal 2 during the turret opera the turrets do not fire at Chell suggesting that GLaDOS turned off the turret defenses, despite her saying she couldn't in the final battle of Portal after Chell incinerates the Morality core, or was GLaDos just lying? Maybe the Morality core (as well as the others survived) in the same way the companion cube did as the Emergency Inteligence Incinerator must not reach high enouhg a temperature to destroy them. Is it possible the entire thing was a lie, That GLaDOS planned everything from Chell succeding at first and plaing dead to Wheatly taking over (she is the smartest inteligence in the world), was she just screwing with her the entire time?

Or, Since she was only was talking about the missile turret, she just told the other turrets not to fire. And if you remember you sabotaged her turret production at the beginning of the game. {{SUBST:Template:Cyrus Arc}} 21:42, May 31, 2011 (UTC)