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i am not here to advertise for gameinformer there was a wanted page for and so i added it. i am not trying to start anything but its insulting when you accuse me of advertising.

What?! Who on earth said we needed a page detailing a random website?
I apologise for accusing you of advertisement spam if you were misled (albeit in a fairly bizarre manner), but please bear in mind this is a Half-Life/Portal/TF2 wiki. Anything that is not directly related to these games is useless to us and will be deleted. Coming Second 17:37, 12 September 2008 (UTC)

- i'd like to advertise the availability of a security job, recently made available due to illness/sickness/death . The job is located in the lovely setting of a tranquil eastern european city. Hours are good, full protective clothing is given including gas mask. The suitable candidate will have experience within the military or civilian protection sector, a clean mind is a benefit, bad memory of the past essential. though a voice like a frog is not essential it will certainly help you fit in with the rest of the team.