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Could someone clarify the exact functions of the Suppression Fields? Or give me a proper definition? Obviously they prevent humans from reproducing, but they also seem to restrict movement. CP and trains can pass through them, as well as citizens in Point Insertion, yet Freeman can't. I've been debating this with my brother (also a hardcore Halflife fan) - his theory is that the Suppression Field mentioned in Breen's speeches and NPC dialog refers to some single field surrounding the City 17 environs and not the fields seen in and around the city. I've always assumed that 'Suppression Field' referred to any of the fields seen in the game. I tried to look it up on the wiki, but only found Suppression Device, which we all know and love. Can someone help me out here? -Zasmyenok

You can sign your comments using the four tildes (~). There is a difference between the suppression device, suppression field, and the force fields. The supression device is the thing which "rains down hell" upon the area surrounding the Overwatch Nexus. Force Fields are the blue gate things which stop certain people passing through. The Suppression Field is the thing which prevents human reproduction. It's confusing, I know, but hopefully that clears it up for you :) The pages I linked to might be better at explaining the difference than me. Bramblepath 09:32, October 30, 2010 (UTC)

The Surpression Device is the mortar used by the Combine to better defend the Overwatch Nexus. The blue field emmited by the various gates is a force field that I presume restricts access to various areas of importance to the Combine. The Surpression Field is an unseen device. I always inagined it as a massive emmitter stored in every Citadel that sends out waves of energy which have anti-reproduction effects. The only field we currently know of has been irrepairably damaged with the (epic) destruction of Breen's fancy office tower.Kovacslorand6 17:31, March 7, 2011 (UTC)User:Kovacslorand6 21:30, March 7, 2011 (UTC)