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SPOILER OF EPISODE TWO Greetings, citizens. I am pretty new here (having bought The Orange Box and finished it in under a week, I got hooked on the universe). However, my experience of Episode Two was harmed by the fact that this wiki in several articles more than hinted that Eli Vance would die. Among these are the infoboxes of Combine War and Eli Vance, both of which state Eli's death very clearly with no preceding spoiler-warning whatsoever. My suggestion is that we work out a way to either hide "spoiler material" from the initial viewing of infoboxes or decide upon some kind of policy regarding the subject. Yes? --Ligemeget 16:37, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Eh, good point. The best way would probably be a forum-esque red "SPOILER" text over such details in an infobox, which would give way to the actual text when moused-over. But I have no idea how to implement such a thing. If we can't find a practical way to do it we may just have to make it a policy of omitting details like that from the infoboxes and putting them in the text instead where they can be properly marked. Anyway, I'm sorry it was spoiled for you. :(
I'd also like to take the opportunity to wish you a warm welcome to the wiki. Good to have you aboard! :) --MattyDienhoff 18:29, 24 May 2008 (UTC)
I would also like to add that the guy probably deserved it because why else would he be looking at a guide? This wiki seems to serve as that purpose.

Btw, in Episode 3, Gordon kills Snape too.