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I have to say something about this, I've noticed people have been adding quotes to the tops of the weapon articles (and possibly others, if so I haven't noticed). This is a great idea, but I'd like to ask we use this element in moderation and only add a quote to an article when it has an obvious relevance to it. The quote in the Resistance RPG article, for example:

"This steerable Rocket Launcher is our best bet for taking down a Gunship" - Odessa Cubbage

...or the one in MK3A2 Grenade:

"Gordon, lob a couple grenades, that'll clear'm out!" - Barney Calhoun

They're both clearly relevant, but these quotes, in the MP7 (HL2) and Resistance Crossbow articles, respectively, really aren't relevant at all:

"Ha! Like that?" - Resistance Soldier
"Aaarrggggghhhh!" - Combine Soldier, upon death

Obviously, those quotes have nothing to do with the weapons, they're just generic taunts and sound effects. Anyway I'm going into far too much detail, I've made my point, go easy on the quotes, eh? :)

P.S. What does everyone thing of making a 'memorable quotes' page for each game, something akin to Wikiquote? It's certainly relevant, and I love quotes. --MattyDienhoff 04:39, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

It's me who's been making the weapon, character, and enemy quotes. I'll admit my one for the crossbow was irrelevant, but I noticed the citizens only say "Ha! Like that?" after killing someone with the SMG. THEULTIMAte PIMPDINOSAUR 08:49, 18 September 2008 (UTC)
I think I might have kicked this craze off by adding quotes to all the TF2 characters. Er, sorry. :/ I'll try going through today and deleting the ones which are a bit silly. As for the quote page: FUND IT. Coming Second 15:40, 18 September 2008 (UTC)