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I was wondering if its possible that portal takes place around the time of half life 2 and its episodes and not the thousand or so years after that was implied, during half life most of humanity was killed and the rest (not counting rebels) were rounded up into cities, which were likely high populaton centers such as new york, bejing and ect(aka not idaho). while i beleive the combine would have definetly have used aperatures portal technology its possible that the facility simply slipped their mind, or they found out about something MUCH more important on the borealis and focussed their efforts on finding it.

Yeah, I heard somewhere that if the time count is in days, not years, then it actually is only about a twenty-year gap between the games. And if that's true, then doesn't that mean that Portal 1 takes place during H-L1? That would explain GLaDOS saying, "The world has changed, it's different out there. I have an infinite capacity for knowledge and even i'm not sure what's going on out there." That line would make sense, with the Xen portal opening and everything. Anyway, I think it would be great if Chell was in Episode three or HL3 if either gets made. She could help out the resistance alot with her high order thinking skills and refusal to die. -ModestEgg, 5-12-2011