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Hi guys. i am wondering if you guys know any Overwatch squad names?? If you do please post below.

Thanks Bam

Well, as far as I've noticed, there are no squad designations in HL2, maybe because I'm dumb :) However, I've heard CP squads being addressed to as "X-Ray", so this leads to speculation that they're using NATO phonetic alphabet. X-Ray 988.01 16:15, 14 April 2008 (UTC)
I've never made anything out in-game but I'm pretty sure Overwatch squads use designations as I remember reading some in the script files of the game once, maybe I'll look into it again. --MattyDienhoff 20:20, 14 April 2008 (UTC)

Update: I just got around to checking through the file, this is what I found in "/scripts/sentences.txt" in the CP section:

// unit names, remembered by speaker  (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)
V_MYNAMEP0 defender 
V_MYNAMEP1 hero 
V_MYNAMEP2 jury 
V_MYNAMEP3 king 
V_MYNAMEP4 line 
V_MYNAMEP5 patrol 
V_MYNAMEP6 quick 
V_MYNAMEP7 roller 
V_MYNAMEP8 stick 
V_MYNAMEP10 union 
V_MYNAMEP11 victor 
V_MYNAMEP12 xray 
V_MYNAMEP13 yellow 
V_MYNAMEP14 vice

Unit numbers are also mentioned in the file, so it seems each squad of CP officers is named, and each member of that squad is referred to with a number, presumably with 1 as the leader. This was in the CP section of the file. Overwatch squads seem to use a different naming structure which I haven't been able to make sense of. Possibly, each squad is named, and each soldier within that squad is also named, but I'm not sure. Here's that part of the file for anyone who may be interested. --MattyDienhoff 07:48, 30 July 2008 (UTC)

// soldier names, remembered by speaker:
V_MYNAMES0 leader {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES1 flash {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES2 ranger {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES3 hunter {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES4 blade {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES5 scar {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES6 hammer {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES7 sweeper {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES8 swift {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES9 fist {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES10 sword {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES11 savage {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES12 tracker {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES13 slash {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES14 razor {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES15 stab {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES16 spear {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES17 striker {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES18 dagger {Len 0.4}
// air support names:
V_RNDNAMES0 ghost {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES1 reaper {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES2 nomad {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES3 hurricane {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES4 phantom {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES5 judge {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES6 shadow {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES7 slam {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES8 stinger {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES9 storm {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES10 vamp {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES11 winder {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES12 star {Len 0.4}  
//phonetic alphabet/codes:
V_RNDCODES0 apex {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES1 ion {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES2 jet {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES3 kilo {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES4 mace {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES5 nova {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES6 payback {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES7 sundown {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES8 uniform {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES9 boomer {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES10 echo {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES11 flatline {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES12 helix {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES13 ice {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES14 quicksand {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES15 payback {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES16 ripcord {Len 0.4}