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Is it just me or does the G-man look a little like Gordon? And vice-versa?

I took a picture of the G-man and added Gordon's glasses and beard. And made his hair longer.

Thought it was interesting... And kind of weird...

That old chestnut. :P
Frankly I think the resemblance is insignificant. There are some similarities, but nothing striking, and the whole G-Man = Gordon Freeman rationalization is just seeing something that isn't there in my opinion, it doesn't prove anything. --MattyDienhoff 20:13, 30 July 2008 (UTC)
The G-Man moniker is something the community came up with, not Valve themselves- the guy has no name officially. Someone should mention that on his page actually. Coming Second 23:28, 31 July 2008 (UTC)

Yeah, I was pretty sure this had been brought up before, but I'm new to the series and just thought I'd check, haha :)

I thought the name "g-man" originated from Adrian Shepards diaries (which can be found in the opposing force manual, and in the blue shift one, oddly enough), in which Adrian mentions having seen "a g-man watching [his] progress". The term originates from an American cold war expression, I believe, and is an abreviation of "government man". Still, it's most likely just coincidence that they look similar, it would be impossible to avoid the g-man having similar characteristics to everyone in the series, and the public would pick up on that immediately, valve wouldn't aim for such a cliche, considering the inovitative attitude they take towards game design. Besides, Freeman has vivid green eyes, while the g-mans are a grey-blue colour. In a post-appocalyptic society, where would you locate grey-blue contact lenses?