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While traveling through Test Shaft 9 you hear Cave Johnson babbling on about how when life gives you lemons, screw making lemonade, you should get your scientists to invent Incendiary Lemons and burn Life's house down. This angry rant of a dying man got GLaDOS really riled up; she started to say "Yeah, Yeah! Burn them!" and other stuff kinda of like that. That must have been Caroline coming through to the surface because Caroline loved that crazy old man and his fiery attitude.

GLaDOS's desire for taking revenge on Chell could have been partially based on Caroline's presence in her system since we know she gets pepped by the idea of due vengeance. When GLaDOS deletes "Caroline" from her memory, I assume GLaDOS also partially loses her emotional desire for revenge (or the propensity to desire revenge) in the process... Maybe that's why she let Chell go. Alexcranson 18:32, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

Im not positive but I think when you save the nice turret from redemption and you listen to him he talks about lemons and you shouldnt make lemonade and says a bunch of other stuff that you find out later in the game and I just thought it was worth mentioning. Kilopoise 18:36, April 30, 2011 (UTC)