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On July 5th 2010 a site was discovered. [1]

In the HTML of the page is the following ASCII.

         OMMMMNNN.  . ONNNNNNN          
        MMMMN.            .DDDD+        
      NMMNN                  DDD8       
     NMNN      DDDDDD         D888      
    MNNN         8888.         ,OOO     
   .NNN           8OOO          OZOO    
   NNNO           OOZZ.          $ZZ    
   NNN           ZZZ$$$          777    
  .NDD          Z$$$7777         :II=   
   DDD         $$77 III?         ,??~   
   DD8        $77I.  ??++        =++    
   D888      77II.    ===.       ~~~    
   =88O     7II?      ~~~~~::   ::::    
    8OOZ   7I??.       ::::,.. ,,,,     
     OZ$$              .      ,,,,      
      $$7I?                  ....       
       :I?++=             ......        
         +==~~::,,    ........          

Also embedded in the HTML is this text and value.

sos. resources cut off. send you data in parts. digital rift surrounding mesa area. not exact science.

If you convert the binary value into ASCII you get this.

Simulation data for spe

Listed on the mesa website is a link to a youtube video. [2] called wierd interference.

In the video there is a morse code message, it reads. "sos stop bmrf"

There is also a gps coordinate. Long: 33.193 Lat: -106.583. This is a runway close to the White sands missile complex. The largest military installation in the USA. If blackmesa did exist, this is where they would be.

If you click on the creator of this video, a MrNerfTron, he has a link to his blog. [3]. In the HTML code you can find a black mesa email message and another binary code.

sH„UDH(ˆ‘ector E corrections [sec=unclassified]//
to: robercCâTù;¿@blackmesa‹1êÜ+‡š
I don’t mind changing them but are you sure the administrator says 
the Sector E figur³Jë«žÕɹõ Ú9T BD"*¨LŒÒ(¨J«*-
DïRµ«µ‚Ô^}Þ­+½†t\kÓ+µ‰ Ábƹ

If you add the binary to the other binary you get this ASCII text.

Simulation data for specimen:GG-3883. 

In the blog there is a link [4] to a flicker site of a guy that found a strange road kill. Its a headcrab, and the file is corrupted. Inside the corrupted jpeg is another binary string.


If you add the binary to the other binary you get this ASCII text.

Simulation data for specimen:GG-3883. 
Simulation Result: Resonance Casc

In one of the comments for the flicker picktures is a link to another interference video. [5]. If you reverse the sound in the video you can hear a voice taling about a transmission, our binary numbers, and the 25th. At the end you can hear the combine, probably an invasion.

This is as far as I have gotten, we still are missing the 4th binary string.

The following can be found in the source code of the Privacy Policy page, revealing the site to be a fan-made ARG:

This is "The Black Mesa Incident: Alternate Reality Game":
This Alternate Reality Game is based on the Half-Life games/saga by Valve
This story is purely fan-fiction: And not an official release by Valve.
All Intellectual Property referenced from the Half-Life & Portal Games
remains with Valve Corporation
email: bmi.arg at

Waykohler 04:37, July 7, 2010 (UTC)

A forum thread? Yeah, that's a good idea. This first appeared on the Black Mesa Forums, and everyone thought it was hinting at the release. :P --FiremanV2 16:53, July 8, 2010 (UTC)
Did anyone find the last binary string? Waykohler 20:05, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

The name mentioned Olivia Wilkins is also mentioned on the blog:

 "she told Mom to go by the name 'George Antheil' if she ever wanted to get hold of her."

Applying under the name George Antheil with Olivia Wilkins as referrer allows your application to pass.

You'll be given part 4 of the transmission (also hidden in source):


At full the message reads:

 Simulation data for specimen:GG-3883. Simulation Result: Resonance Cascade Scenario Inevitable.

Olivia also gives you EmploymentApplicationForm.pdf which when printed (or use ghostscript or similar) gives you the url The page is closed using office hours, check the source code to the what the time is.

After waiting a while a new email arrives, this time from the competitors Aparture Science:

 I’m not sure why you are trying to do what you are doing, but let me assure you I represent other interested parties who would like you to succeed.
 We have managed to upload a file to their server which you might find useful if you can find an external gateway to the BM intranet.

This url is also closed during office hours.

So once the clock is past 17 first access fsrag and then daisy_bell, both which now open.

For the Aparture Science password prompt, see The password is found in the form referenced. Enter "Cheesecake" as password and the fsrag page is hacked.

You now what 30 secs to upload the full binary string:


Don't include any space or newlines. Afterwards a lockdown occurs and if you now access, it has been replaced with a new page:

 We regret to inform you that the black mesa research facility is
 currently closed for thorough safety inspections and training exercises. 
 We wish to apologize for any inconvenience this may cλuse.

Also on hovering λ you'll get the following quote:

 Your efforts will be unknown, your name never spoken, however you will forever live on in our hearts and minds as the hero of our present.
Know that you eternally stand shoulder to shoulder with the free man. Uriah - White Forrest

Apparently this is the ending of the arg.

Also not yet mentioned: