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There's 3 expansions to Half Life 1, Op4: U play as Adrian, a HECU marine. BS: U play as Barney, a security guard. And Decoy: U play as 2 female sciencists Gina and Collate.

BUT, what if............there's a 4th expansion to Half Life? U play as a Black Op!

It will be the 2nd Time the Race X will appear! Ether The Pit Worm or The Gene Worm (in the Race X borderworld before Adrian fought them) or a HECU Apache or Ospery really powerful, really hard to beat, and with a lot of weapons (sorta....) could be the FIANL BOSS!

The Black Ops' base could be in ether Colorado or Utah...., or WEST TEXAS!

Plz share ideas at my page!

From Greg1813.