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Ok heres my theroy wwe know that there will be a cross over between these two games valve has all but said so (infact i think i rember them saying there would be) well i figured out who a portal gun vs a gravity gun fight would work. A.K.A. Gordon vs. Chell- well Gordon can open portals but Chell Can, And Gordon can punt and grab heavy objects and chell cant. So how does this fight work you say, well because Chell can open portals she could put one above you (if your playing as Gordon and one under a really heavy object or power pelet and kill him with it this works out extremly well becuase it just so happens that Gordon can ccatch and punt this stuff right back to catch or kill shell im gona go with catch though beacue she is important to the story line of half life.

and now for Chell's background

Well we all know that GalDos was created to help speed up the process of completting the Portal gun to compete for funding with Black Measa. And acorrding to with the cave johnson login which no longer works, GlaDos was activated on BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO WORK DAY. the same day she started her attack on apature science, now this is where it get interesting during the attack the installed Glados morality core but by then it was to late. A scientist trying to save his daughter stuck her in a statis pod where she aged (dont really know how you age in stais weve seen this with Gordon and the Gman) at this point Galdos is now semi Docile and procedds to clone Chell to test out the complex to prepare her for what is happening out side i.e. the combine invasion. once her clones have passed the final test and gotten into the rest of the complex and to the point of reaching Galdos she awakes the orginal Chell from statis how has been in stais for close to 20 years now which would put her right smack dab in the middel of the human upriseing and right around the time Gordon and Alyx Learn about Apature science.

WELCOME TO THE CAKE THEORY this whole theroy is based on the existence of the cake.

I'm sorry, but what the hell is this? It reads about as well as a squirrelking fanfiction and makes even less sense! JgcxCub 14:44, 31 August 2009 (UTC)