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Ok guys Friendzone here with a challenge. It seems I found a almost impossibly hard too get to ammo cache in Half Life 2 the Water Hazard chapter. Its the area in which you battle the Combine chopper near the dam. On top of two rocks is a log stretched between them and on top of this log sits 2 grenades. The only way to get them down it seems would be using well thrown grenades or the SMG's grenade launcher but the effort is barely worth the reward. I found another way to get them and after failing quiet a few times I was wondering if it was even possible to get it. What the player needs to do is launch off a log ramp, bounce on 2 of the rocks then slide arcoss the log to get to the grenades. The ride is intense and it seems a like something a programmer would put in the game for eagle eyed players. — Unsigned comment by Friendzone

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