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The Combine Empire in all its greatness do not utilize the full frailty of man. What I mean is the combine do not use nearly all the weapons human use in the modern world to wage war and inflict death.

I know Half Life two is just a game but i will express some issues here

Failure to use satellites/gps or any advanced tracking system to locate Gordon Freeman and Rebel positions.

Failure to use Close air support ballastic equipped aircraft such as an A10, F16, C130 these would be infinitely more effective than the hunter chopper and exponetionally more effective than the combine gunship.

Failure to use stragtiec fire weaponry that is useful in urban combat combine have not been seen using MLRS systems, Cruise Missiles or howitizers, etc combine due use missiles with head crabs which is a stupid idea.

failure to use armor support such as tanks or APCs with heavy cannons. could totally annihilate rebel fighting positions

Combine trans human over watch do not use urban combat infantry like those seen in black hawk down combine do not utilize enough human fire arms such as assault rifles or squad automatic weapons or body armor Combine fail to develop a weapon ID system like the PMCs Metal Gear Solid 4 this allows for any combine weapons captured to be used by rebel forces - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

OK we are talking about THE COMBINE here!

They destroyed the Earth military and they already have things like APCs. How would they use satellites to access rebel outposts. Just keep searching the entire planets for the odd chance that we see a rebel in one building? 128hoodmario 19:33, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

If they adapted there technology to the hunter chopper and the APCs they can adapt other things. So what if the Combine destroyed the Earth Military? they could just build new vehicles which they capable of making. The combine APC was not seen in heavy use in the city 17 uprising and is stupid in my opinion you never engage one in open combat. i think the perfect place to fight one would have been highway 17 Yes my satellite theory is a little farfetched in the use of locating rebel out posts but time was on the combine side they had 20 years after black mesa 20 YEARS to do whatever they wanted. but the combine couldn't find one man with their vast technological supremacy

Dude.. The chance that Earth is all that important to the Combine is slim to none. They probably just want the air, the water, and the other planet's in our dimension. What is one, horribly decimated planet compaired to the almsot unlimited ammount of ripe planets out there?--Commander Xillian 07:58, October 16, 2009 (UTC)