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For anyone wondering, Chell is Cave's daughter! The potato room- the overgrown potato is signed by Chell! And look at the ingredients: Special ingredients from dads work... Those are the moon rocks that made Cave Deathly ill! The moon rocks speed up aging! That's why Chell is full grown in Portal 1, and only stasis stops the aging! GLaDOS (Caroline) mentioned you've got your short life left and you're someone else's problem now!

Ugh.... Cave died in 1986 at over 70 years of age, BYDTWD didn't happen till the early 90's. Cave would have been in his late 60's when Chell was born and Caroline would have been over 50 and probably hit menopause. Chell is not related to either Cave or Caroline. SajuukKhar 04:15, September 21, 2011 (UTC)