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:Could fast headcrabs and poison headcrabs be defanged and domesticated? It is never stated how exactly the fast headcrab gains control as they dont have fangs like ordianry and poison headcrabs. Why does it not show more people with pet head crabs? It seems like they would be the "it" thing. There would of coarse be a rissk involved with collecting them but someone must or else who defanged llamar? Dr. Kleiner was not a vet. Could stlakers become zombies, its neevr shown, perhaps somethings ith those plates keeps the crabs off of it. I hope headcrabs have a bigger role in the next game, im obsessed in case ou havent noticed.PoisonHeadcrabperson
I think only Kleiner is odd enough to want one as a pet, though in the current time of the half life universe, it seems to care for one's self is a difficult enough task.
it might even be possible that the combine outlaw them, using them themselves as weapons, and not wanting possible rebels to breed and use them against them. Drake3011 22:42, May 17, 2011 (UTC)
Kleiner didnt seem too,weird justa cat person filling the cat void with a headcrab, because most species have been wiped out im assuming so were cats. Also i'm assuming headcrabs are a-sexual, as they do not have genitals but instead act like a insect colony in which only one type of headcrab (gonarch) can produce offspring therefore the resistance could not breed them. I also think that because headcrabs have evolved to take control of human hosts despite their being no humans on Xen, either humans were exploring Xen long before Black Mesa was, or more likely theyre form another planet that was already conquered that had humanoid beings simmilair to us and immigrated to Xen like an invasive species.