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Don't say I'm knitpicking but I managed to notice this and it is starting to bug me. During the developers commentary for "Direct Intervention" in Episode 1 you can see a fully 3D version of Judith's message. At the end of the hallway the two running Resistance members are vapourised by an elite soldier's energy ball. However, in episode 2, G-Man comes to you while the Vorts are healing Alyx and shows you several visions. In this you get a suitably gruesome close-up of one of the men getting shot and blood spurting out. But I just remember them getting vapourised without a trace. It bugs me lol

Every time I play something new always happen. Like if one of the Combine soldiers get killed or an energy ball only kills one resistance soldier. But always end with the hunter attacking the camera.--Jack Black 21:17, 17 March 2009 (UTC)

I would have prefered it if they just had one thing going on in a preset format but oh well, Valve probably did some smarty programming thing lol