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Annabelle was actually a Winchester Model 1892, not an 1894 as stated. The two rifles are very similar (indeed nearly identical), but the primary difference is that the 1894 was never manufactured in a .357 variant, at least not by any major company. A number of companies, Winchester included, do actually produce the 1892 in .357. It is a very real rifle. So Annabelle is almost certainly a Winchester 1892, not an 1894. Note that some 1892's vary a bit in the length and shape of the forestock, but the Winchester version does indeed match Annabelle. There is no question that Annabelle is indeed an 1892 instead of an 1894.

Winchester 1892

Note: I do not own this picture. I link it merely as an example. This is a Winchester Model 1892 chambered in .357. It is the longer version, though short versions (as Annabelle was) do exist. I have updated the article for Annabelle to reflect this. - WardenWolf

I am no expert on guns so I would like to hear a second opinion. You know, to be sure. - CakeMaster7

I am a firearms expert, and have done the research. The 1894 is chambered in medium-powered rifle rounds, traditionally .30-30 but also in numerous other calibers. Basically it is a lever-action carbine designed for rifle rounds. The 1892, on the other hand, is designed for pistol-caliber rounds. It traditionally fired the .45 Long Colt round, but now is also chambered for other pistol rounds, including .357 and .44 Magnum. So to summarize:

The 1894 is a lever-action carbine designed for rifle rounds. It never fires pistol rounds.

The 1892 is a lever-action carbine designed for pistol rounds. It never fires above low-powered rifle rounds, and does not overlap in power with the 1894.

The 1894 is thus not even a possibility. It was never chambered for pistol-caliber rounds. The 1892, on the other hand, provides a very real match, and I have seen a picture of a current-production Winchester Model 1892 in .357 that perfectly matches Annabelle in terms of stock shape, length, and proportions. It is a very real gun. The only difference is that Annabelle has brass fittings, although Winchester may use brass fittings that are black-coated. This is common with some designs, particularly military rifles from that design period. With age and wear, the coating comes off and reveals the brass underneath. I possess a number of rifles where this is true. Thus the exposed brass would be evidence that Annabelle had been around a while and heavily used. - WardenWolf

Okay, I believe you but I would recommend waiting for an Admin to give you the green light before changing it. (Yuh know, wait for an Admin's approval first, cause' I'm no Admin and therefore have no authority here) - CakeMaster7

I already changed it, over a week ago. - WardenWolf